East Yorkshire and Derwent Area Ramblers

walking to protect our local countryside

A correct weather forecast transpired  -  rain expected all day and it certainly did. However, such conditions didn't deter 8 hardy stalwarts from completing this 10 mile walk led by Tony Corrigan.

Setting off briskly towards Shandy Hall before heading south west to Angram Hall and Husthwaite where our sodden walkers stopped for coffee at Husthwaite Church - 'praying for sunshine perhaps' !

The group continued south towards Acaster Hill and Peep O' Day Farm. A lunch stop was taken at Thornton Lodge log cabins with a background of lush grass, barbecue tables and lakes - obscured by the incessant rain.

Resuming, our band of walkers headed north to the outskirts of Oulston to then turn east towards and along Beacon Banks. After passing a herd of Alpacas [not as bedraggled as our team] it was a pleasant downhill walk across fields back to Coxwold - somewhere in the mist.

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